Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good news! Say what?!

Oh, what fun it is to ride on this twisted f'ed up train! New children rhyme. I met with a neurologist (gamma knife specialist/ brain surgeon) to go over my brain MRI. And good news kids. He said the original radiologist "was quite generous with the amount of tumor in your brain." Case in point, one of the "tumors" is in fact a vein...he was able to trace it via two different scan angles side by side. Am I in the clear? No. There's a spot that is for sure a very small tumor. But he said he can gamma knife (target radiation) it with over 90% success. And if these other suspicious spots grow, indicating they are lesions, he can do the same. But overall he made my heart soar by telling me I'm actually in a pretty good place. And I have more options.
I’m leaning towards his interpretation of the scan since he has been studying them for 20+ years. I had no idea they were that hard to read.
I can stay on Xalkori and zap any brain spots. Or I can switch to that newer, more potent drug in Denver that gets into the brain. Fun part is, I have some time to decide. I'll do another brain scan the last week of June to better decide what is a lesion and what is not. Then we can formulate a plan. He said I won't be in danger anytime soon. Woot woot.  
What I cannot do is run marathons. Boooooo. I've been training to do the San Francisco July marathon, but he flat out said no. Aitey doc. I told him if he finds me a job that won't be a problem. I tend to only obsessively work out when excessively bored.

Cheers sistas and brothers. I love to keep it interesting. The plan is to be continued. Kauai in 2 days. Peace.

Practiced my modeling while waiting for the famous neurosurgeon for an hour and a half.

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