Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hungry for Life

Many of you know that I recently went on my First Descents kayaking trip. Rather than describe the experience in words, I'm going to attempt via pics.
Just know that First Descents is an organization that brings together young adult cancer survivors (aka the most incredible people you will ever meet) for a week of white-water kayaking (or some other grand adventure).
And if you really can't stand a story without words, here are the words I wrote down on the plane home to capture the feelings (picked up this habit from Tanzania...when I was too lazy to write a journal entry (so everyday), I would write down a few words or bullets.)

G-String, Snaps, Stoner, Creamed Corn, This Guy, Stitch, Smooth, Patch, Irish, Homewrecker, Mama Bean, Chef Vigetti, Chef Winks, Mayor, Rut-Roh, Bun Buns, Gnomeo, Squirt, Blunt, Omlette, T-Cell, I love you all. 
One of the worst side effects from cancer that no one warned me about is a sense of loneliness. You guys erased that and make it so much easier to go through this as a single youngin. Such a magical week of adrenaline, laughter, happiness, and love.