Monday, June 8, 2015

Short, sweet, sassy update: picked Entrectinib

I have decided. Very rare words to escape my mouth.
I am switching targeted therapies! I am going to switch to Entrectinib (aka rxdx-101) that is available at UCI with Dr. Ou. We’re feeling quite confident in this drug and I expect smooth sailing. But! I have back ups too. Dr. Ou has two other ROS-1 inhibitors that also get pass the BBB, so that’s comforting (PF-3922 & one from Daiichi Sankyo<from Japan, may be more promising than 3922, we shall see).  For those of you late to the game, I am leaving crizotinib aka xalkori because although it was very effective at clearing my cancer (still clear from the neck down), it does not get into the brain and I had a pleasant little guy pop up on my last brain MRI. I could have done some form of radiation to take care of it, but I like the idea of covering everything by switching to Entrectinib.....And, fun perks, I probably won't experience bloating or heart rate drops on this new drug. 
Dr. Ou is a fellow golden bear…roll on you bears…and is fantastic/ genius. If any of you ROS-1er’s out there (regardless of cancer type) are considering a drug switch, I’d be beyond happy to share the new info I gained from Dr. Ou on ROS-1 inhibitors.
Since it is conveniently available 20 minutes from my house, I don’t have an excuse to go to Denver…boo.
More updates: I am now 84% sure I am doing the full marathon in July….I told you decisions are not my forte. I just applied for a job in Palo Alto…fingies crossed. Kauai was AMAZE. ASCO in Chicago was CRAZE. And life overall is pretty good. I’m feeling very detailed this morning.
Health wise I’m fairly pleased because I keep having options pop up and options are good, options are very good.