Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Life in de fast lane

Half way through my back-to-back trips!
During the beginning of October we all ventured to Portlandia for Kelsey's (mi sista) and Brandon's first marathon, and of course, THEIR ENGAGEMENT, which was beautifully performed by BDon at the finish line. We are already so excited for the wedding because there are 3 priorities: good beer, good wine, and dancing. Recipe for major success.
Besides celebrating good times, we got to see fam: Beena, Andy, Sahana, Toots, and Mig. <3. Most of our time was spent laughing and eating and drinking, which sounds basic, but then again that's really all I ever want to do. We were there for about 5 days and the weather was perfect, the sun was out the whole time which is a Portland anomaly. We explored downtown Portland, and its breweries and eateries, and went for runs. But I'm aware that everyone's probably just interested in the marathon engagement.
Here's the video:

Laughing so hard at the guy in the yellow vest that makes BDon kneel down again for a pic. Just what you want to do after 26 miles. 

I joined LeeKels and Bdon for the first half of the marathon, (was almost caught for sneaking into the marathon, almost), and then ditched them for the tortuous second part where the true colors come out and nipple blood starts (<only you male marathoners will understand). I then joined a very nervous Kwi, TT, and Auntie Mig for the finish line, where we could watch Brandon surprise Kels with a sweaty ring. Overall the race and engagement went beautifully, which surprised me just a little.

All the pretty fall colors.

Trying out some sours.

A nervous KwiKwi


Sahaha twirling at the farmer's market

Beena, the wonder chef, making the most amazing Indian food.

More Portland brewery action.

Orange County looks prettier at night.

 Denvey was glorious and beautiful and perfect as always. The "excuse" for this trip was an American Lung Association 5k at the Red Rocks. This was my first time seeing the Red Rocks, and oh my god I cannot wait for my first concert here. As usual I forgot to take pics but picture three beautiful brunettes, Sanny, Ken, and myself, running through these rocks.

Besides hanging out with LeeKels, BDon, Savannah, Kendra, Ginny, and Nala (well, scratch Nala), the Walk the Moon concert was my favorite part. After Brandon got me a last minute ticket (heroic move), I was expecting to walk into a concert with about 2,000 people. Instead we walked into a bar with about 50 people. Mind blown. Here's a video:

In the video, they're singing one of my fav songs, Quesadilla. And for those who are already fans, their next album comes out in December.

The most awkward dog I've ever met.




Getting our workout in.

Gold tree

Tree obsession.


I leave for San Fran tomorrow and will be there for a few days and then the grand finale trip is NYC.

Yes, I'm realizing this blog post has little to do with cancer, but how freaking great is that. I think I deserve a break. But I do realize I don't have endless funds to be a spoiled jetsetter. So first off, thanks mom and dad for spoiling me, love you. And secondly, I should probably get a job. I'll admit I haven't been job hunting that hard (if at all, oops). And part of me does actually want to use that Cal degree that cost my parents a fortune. Still leaning towards Denver, but it's about to snow and I literally wear a snow jacket when the temp is below 65, so we shall see.